VidCon offers accessibility ribbons to attendees with disabilities to indicate that they may need assistance during the event. These ribbons can be attached to VidCon badges. Accessibility ribbons will be available at the Registration Help Desks (ACC Level 100 & Hall D Wedge), the Accessible Registration Desks (ACC Level 100 & Hall D Wedge), and the Accessibility Desk (ACC Lobby C). 

If you are a caregiver that is accompanying an attendee to the event, there are also carer badges available at these locations. Like the ribbons, these badges are designed to help make staff and security aware that you need to accompany the attendee throughout the event and may need some accommodation.

Please note: Ribbons or carer badges are not required in order for attendees to use services such as accessible seating. They are merely an optional offering that attendees can use to flag for staff that they may need additional assistance.