We have recently changed our Chaperone Policy for VidCon US. We want to keep our Chaperone Policies consistent across all three VidCons in all three continents. All persons, 9 and older, wishing to attend VidCon must purchase a ticket. This is standard for many events similar to VidCon. Additionally, this ensures the safety and enjoyment of all minors attending VidCon. All attendees under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult (18+) who has purchased the same Ticket Track as the child with whom they are attending. For example, If the child you are accompanying is going to purchase a Creator Track ticket, the adult attending with them must also purchase a Creator Track ticket. 

We will not be giving out Chaperone Wristbands anymore. If the child who’s attending VidCon US is over the age of 13 they aren’t required to have an adult chaperone with them at the event. If you’re okay with simply being in the vicinity of the event (rather than physically with them throughout), there are lots of spots around Anaheim where you can spend the weekend. Click here for more information! 

If you’d like to go to any panels or Q&As, into the Expo Halls, or see any concerts with your child, you must purchase a ticket before June 7, or until sold out.

Click here to view and purchase tickets.